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    How do I...?

    gravatar Comment by RailCityBlogger (http://www NULL.railcityblogger NULL.com):
    Tuesday, 7 Sep 2010, at 5:47:56 PM, 11 years, 1 month ago | # |

    How do I link "post A" to "post B" using "post B's" title?


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      gravatar Comment by Hikari:
      Tuesday, 7 Sep 2010, at 9:27:29 PM, 11 years, 1 month ago | # | replying RailCityBlogger |


      If, from inside postA, you wanna link postB using postB’s title, you can just use [hkLink type="id" value="754"]{{title}}[/hkLink], that will result in WordPress.




      But if you wanna link postB and use postA’s title as the link text, then unfortunately that can’t be done as the plugin works now. Each shortcode referes to a unique post and all its properties are related to that post, you can’t have a unique shortcode using postB’s URL as link href and postA’s title as link text.


      To do that 100% dinamically, you’d need a shortcode to print postB’s title as plain text and another shortcode to take that text and add it to a link. But WordPress’ shortcode parser doesn’t support nesting shortcodes of the same tag, it just breaks.


      It would be [hkLink type="id" value="754"][hkLink type="id" value="716" title_only="1"]{{title}}[/hkLink][/hkLink], but it doesn’t work: [hkLink type="id" value="716" title_only="1"]{{title}}[/hkLink].


      You can still use any static text for link text: [hkLink type="id" value="754"]My other post title[/hkLink], My other post title.


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